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As you know that in the present time game is part of our life. Every person spends there 10% time to play the game. There are two types of games available one is Indoor Game And the other is an outdoor game like cricket, hockey, badminton, football etc and Indoor Game like carrom board, Ludo, chess etc. But these all games are the old game, in the present time lots of people plays an online game on their mobile or PC, there are lots of online game available on the internet. And every online game is very sensitive game because in those game it’s matter that the sound quality of your game and the video quality of your game should have in good quality because those game only depends on the video quality and the audio quality and in the present time one game is very popular which is PUBG mobile and you know that in PUBG mobile game earphone plays very big role because if you have the good earphone then you can easily spot the enemy location because many times you saw the footprint of enemy but you don’t understand where he is, at that time the sound of their Enemies can provide their location and you can easily know the location of that enemy. So in this article, I will show you the best earphone which is in your budget and the sound quality of that earphone is very good, I am sharing my experience with you, I am playing the PUBG mobile game with the help of this earphone and after using this earphone I can easily find the enemy location.

The earphone name is “boat bassheads 100 wired headset with mic”. This year phone is available in four colours like black, red, pink, and white also there is a mic available in this earphone. You can buy this earphone from the official site of Flipkart and also I will provide you the Flipkart link from which you can easily buy this earphone and get 60% of in this product. In the present time the price of this product is 379 rupees and it varies from 300 to 400 rupees, the actual price of this product is 999 but in the present time, there is 62% off in the price of this product so you can get it by only 379 rupees. You get more details about this product and also you can buy this product by click here. After clicking on this link you are directly going to the official site of Flipkart and from that page, you can get the detailed information about this earphone and also from that page you can easily buy that earphone this earphone is available now on Flipkart and when you ordered your product successfully then after 2 to 3 days your product will deliver at your home. So go and check that earphone and after using that share your experience with me by giving feedback in the feedback section and also if you have any query then comment in the comment section and I will provide you with the best solution about your query.

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