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As you know that in PUBG mobile after 0.16.0 update there has been a new problem occurred when you are playing the game in the emulator. The problem is sometimes the game becomes crashed on high graphics this problem occurs when you are playing the game in HDR graphics also PUBG notify all the players that they are solving this problem and when you start the game a pop up shown on your screen in which you can see they are solving this problem. Finally, this problem has been solved and in this article, I will show you how you can solve this problem and play the game in HDR mode without any crash

The solution of this problem is available in the new update of gameloop emulator as you can see that in the new update they have been solved four types of problems

  1. Add the ability to pre-download games
  2. Optimize web page loading success rate and speed
  3. Fix PUBGM HDR crash issue
  4. Solve the problem of Freefire smart key failure

As you can see that in the third option they say fix PUBG HDR crash issue so when you update your emulator to the latest version then this problem will be fixed and you can play PUBG mobile game in HDR mode so below I will show you how you can update your gameloop emulator so follow these steps

Steps To Update Gameloop Emulator

Step1-First of all, you have to start your emulator and go to the menu section. In the menu at the top, you saw the update option so simply click on that update option and wait for a popup which will show on your screen

Step2-When the popup will be shown on your screen then click on update now button and also your system should be connected with internet so the file will start downloading. Now wait for the completion of download and after the completion, the update will automatically install in your emulator. After the completion of all these processes simply restart your emulator and also restart your PC. When the restarting process will be done then start PUBG Mobile game and go to in-game settings and there is a graphics option available then simply open that graphics option and click on HDR mode. If your problem will fix then enjoy the game but if your problem will not fix then simply clear the cash of your game and again restart it, then definitely your problem will fix. If this article helpful for you then please share it with your friends. If you want to video tutorial on it then you can visit my youtube channel from the top or bottom link on this page.

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